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Product Description

EasySpheres taped solder spheres now allows you to use your existing pick and place equipment to automate the placement of our spheres for all of your re-balling projects. Packaged with industry standard 8mm polycarbonate tape, our taped spheres will work with most pick and place tape feeders. Leverage your excess placement machine capacity while gaining the benefits of accuracy and speed of your existing pick and place platform. 



Solder Ball Size
inches ~ [mm] 

Tape Feeder
Pitch [mm] 

Pocket Centerline
Pitch [mm]

Carrier Tape
How many fit:
13" Reel

How many fit:
7" Reel

.020" ~ .500mm 4 2 Polycarbonate 20,000 5,000
.024" ~ .600mm 4 2 Polycarbonate 20,000 5,000
.025" ~ .635mm 4 2 Polycarbonate 20,000 5,000
.030" ~ .760mm 4 2 Polycarbonate 20,000 5,000
.035" ~ .890mm 4 2 Polycarbonate 20,000 5,000

Product Specifications / Warranty

EasySpheres warrants this product to be defect free, with a controlled size distribution per specification and an alloy purity which is in compliance of IPC-JSTD-006 guidelines.

Size deviation shall not be greater than:
± 0.010mm for sizes .0.004" ~ 0.018" (0.100mm~0.450mm)

± 0.015mm for Sizes 0.020" ~ 0.022" (0.500mm~0.550mm)

± 0.020mm for Sizes 0.024" ~ 0.035" (0.600mm~0.889mm)

Shelf life of 1 year is guaranteed by EasySpheres from date of purchase.

Taped Solder Spheres Sn63Pb37

* Sizes displayed in the diameter drop down menu are in stock. * Build your order by selecting Alloy, Diameter, Reel Size & Qty. * Large order Qtys. will be Discounted and applied in Checkout. * Add product to the cart to see pricing.


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