About Us

 EasySpheres is the exclusive worldwide provider of high quality, first run Solder Balls at reasonable quantities and excellent prices. We endeavor to become your first source and technical guide to many of the solder attach and bumping challenges that you face today.

BGA Rework

We maintain a large inventory of sphere alloys and sizes, and specialize in the fulfillment of small orders. We are always able to guarantee quick delivery. This is accomplished in the specialized manner in which we manage our inventory, shipping all orders within 24 hours, and making your ordering process as easy and efficient as possible.

 The concept of EasySpheres was born out of the idea that many end user applications for solder balls require smaller unit quantities than most sphere manufacturers are willing to provide. Combine this concept with guaranteed immediate delivery, easy internet ordering and fulfillment, and a broad range of stock on most popular alloys and sizes, and you have....EasySpheres!

EasySpheres is a leading global supplier of high performance interconnecting materials and related services for the electronic and micro-component assembly markets.

Please set up EasySpheres as your preferred vendor today. The PDF link prodvided below should give you all the information you require: