Inventory and Quality

Since 2005, EasySpheres has been a leading global supplier of high-performance interconnecting materials and related services for the electronic and micro-component assembly markets.

We monitor and maintain a large inventory of sphere alloys and sizes and specialize in the fulfillment of small to medium sized orders. We are committed to guarantee quick, accurate delivery. This is accomplished in the focused manner in which we manage our inventory, shipping all orders within 24 hours, and making your ordering process as easy and efficient as possible.

Inventory efficiency: EasySpheres

Inventory is continuously reviewed against each order that is placed and shipped. We use the data from this monitoring process to identify market trends in top selling part numbers and adjust our inventory on a monthly and quarterly basis. We forecast a factored safety stock position for all alloys and sizes based on historical purchase data, trend analysis and known requirements of our top customers.

The bottom line: You can rely on EasySpheres to always have stock on the products you require.  


Inventory Quality: EasySpheres

Inventory is guided by and adheres to the best practices of storage and FIFO shipping, and is quality controlled via incoming/receiving inspection quality audits. These quality audits include;

  • Lot number control review of alloy purity to IPC standards
  • Dimensional tolerance and accuracy ( Cp | Cpk)
  • Sphericity tolerance analysis (Std Dev)
  • Luminance reviews 
  • Scheduled Mass measurement equipment calibration
  • ROHS Inventory control and flow process
  • Bar Code and lot code traceability


Shelf Life Considerations 


EasySpheres approaches the assignment of shelf life in a manner which is consistent to industry protocols to warrant viable product at time of use. 

Shelf life for standard customers is 1 year from date of purchase. Refrigeration is not recommended and does not extend shelf life. The container should remain unopened and not agitated when stored. Normal fluctuations in room temperature will not affect shelf life. Avoid contamination of spheres from contact with foreign objects such as fingers or moisture.

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Inventory Pandemic Response: EasySpheres

In response to concerns regarding regional disruptions in supply, EasySpheres has adjusted its factored safety stock to mitigate any possible supply shortages for our customers. We endeavor to maintain a robust and broad inventory of solder sphere alloy and sizes. It is our stated goal to ship all orders complete on the same day the order is received. Our analysis shows that we have met this goal with over %97.85 rate of success.