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Low Temp Solder Balls

Product Description

Product Specifications / Warranty

EasySpheres warrants this product to be defect free, with alloy purity in compliance of IPC-JSTD-006 guidelines.

Size deviation shall not be greater than:
± 0.010mm for sizes .0.004" ~ 0.018" (0.100mm~0.450mm)
± 0.015mm for Sizes 0.020" ~ 0.022" (0.500mm~0.550mm)
± 0.020mm for Sizes 0.024" ~ 0.035" (0.600mm~0.889mm)

Shelf life of 1 year is guaranteed by EasySpheres from date of purchase.

Sn42Bi58 Low Temp Solder Balls

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