Copper Core EZPlate

Copper Core Solder Spheres with Nickel Barrier Plating and Pure Tin Flash Plating.

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High Core melt Temp of 1080C Precision Standoff Height
High Density Capable Easy Substrate cleaning and encapsulation
Excellent Electrical Conductivity 5 to 10 times that of Tin Lead Alloys
Superior Thermal Conductivity Approx 1.3 times that of eutectic alloys


Copper Core EZPlate Solder Spheres are manufactured to the highest industry standards. With a protective Nickel flash plating, the copper core is protected in a gas tight barrier to prevent copper corrosion. Tin over-plating is then added to aid in the wetting of the sphere to standard tin lead solders. 

 Dimensions and Specifications:

Copper Core 

Core +/-

Barrier (Ni)
Finish Plating Thickness
(Sn/Ag)(Sn/Pb) (Sn/Ag/Cu)  
30-120 µm 5 µm  2 µm  5-50 µm
130-290 µm 10 µm  2 µm  5-50 µm
300-490 µm 15 µm  2 µm  5-50 µm
500-600 µm 15 µm  2 µm  5-50 µm
610-850 µm 20 µm  2 µm  5-50 µm