Copper Core EZPlate

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Copper Core Solder Spheres with Nickel Barrier Plating and Pure Tin Flash Plating
EasySpheres Copper Core Cross Section




EasySpheres CUEZPL-XX solder spheres are sold in MOQ of 10,000 spheres and we can also accommodate high order quantities. Stock sizes ranges from 0.012" to 0.020" with stable 6 Sigma manufacturing standards for tight dimensional quality control.





Features Benefits
High Core melt Temp of 1080C

Precision Standoff Height

High Density Capable
Easy Substrate cleaning and encapsulation
Excellent Electrical Conductivity
5 to 10 times that of Tin Lead Alloys
Superior Thermal Conductivity
Approx 1.3 times that of eutectic alloys

Dimensional Tolerances for Plated Copper Core Spheres

Core Dia. Core Tolerance Barrier Thickness (Ni) Plating Thickness (Sn)
300-490 µm
± 15 µm
 2 µm
23 µm

500-600 µm

± 25 µm
 2 µm
23 µm

Plating Thickness Specifications


* Nominal CU Core Diameter indicates approximate standoff height

Download Data Sheet

EasySpheres Technical Data Sheet Plated Copper Core Data Sheet (2021-Rev3.pdf)

EasySpheres warrants this product to be defect free, with alloy purity in compliance of IPC-JSTD-006 guidelines.

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