Copper Core EZPlate

Copper Core Solder Spheres with Nickel Barrier Plating and Pure Tin Flash Plating.

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High Core melt Temp of 1080C Precision Standoff Height
High Density Capable Easy Substrate cleaning and encapsulation
Excellent Electrical Conductivity 5 to 10 times that of Tin Lead Alloys
Superior Thermal Conductivity Approx 1.3 times that of eutectic alloys


Copper Core EZPlate Solder Spheres are manufactured to the highest industry standards. With a protective Nickel flash plating, the copper core is protected in a gas tight barrier to prevent copper corrosion. Tin over-plating is then added to aid in the wetting of the sphere to standard tin lead solders. 

 Dimensions and Specifications:

Copper Core 

Core +/-

Barrier (Ni)
Plating Thickness
30-119 µm ± 3 µm  2 µm 23 µm
120-290 µm ± 5 µm  2 µm 23 µm
300-490 µm ± 10 µm  2 µm 23 µm
500-900 µm ± 25 µm  2 µm 23 µm


Product Availability:  

EasySpheres CUEZPL-XX solder spheres are sold in MOQ of 10,000 spheres and we can accommodate 100 of millions of spheres
as you require. Stock sizes ranges from 0.006" to 0.030" with tight industry standard dimensional tolerances. 

Copper Core Plated Sphere Matrix 

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